Cleaning woollen carpets can be a tricky process. Woollen rugs and carpets are more prone to damage due to the fabric’s delicate nature. Thus, utmost care must be taken while cleaning them. Hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Herefordshire so you can take proper care of the woollen carpets. Here’s a brief note on how to take good care of your woollen carpets.

How to take Good Care of Woollen Carpets?

Use a Vacuum Cleaning Process.

Firstly, always vacuum-clean your carpet before you begin the cleaning process. This helps remove dirt, dust and other debris that may have lodged between fibres. After you have vacuum-cleaned your carpet, all remaining debris must be removed before progressing into cleaning.

Wash with a Gentle Cleaning Solution

Use a gentle shampoo or solution designed explicitly for woollen fibre. This helps reduce potential damages caused by too harsh detergent solutions. It is important to note that any excessive amount of detergent residue left behind on the surface of the carpet can cause discolouration over time; therefore, it must be kept to a minimum while cleaning woollen carpets.

Use Proper Cleaning Machines.

If you’re using a machine cleaner, ensure that its settings are correctly calibrated according to the specific requirements of your rug’s fabric type and size. In addition, scrubbing with brushes also ensures that they are not too harsh; otherwise, this could lead to an irreparable tear in the fibres of your rug or carpet.

Dry Properly

Allow adequate time for drying after shampooing your rug or carpet as moisture can build up beneath it, leading to an array of problems from mould growths to air pollution inside your home or place of work if left unchecked for long periods. Use fans or dehumidifiers in moderate settings when drying upholstery pieces.

Don’t Drag Furniture Pieces.

Lastly, once dry, make sure all furniture pieces have been carefully repositioned back in their original places so as not to disrupt any pre-existing patterns or designs on your floor coverings and allow them enough space for expansion when needed due to climate changes such as increased temperature levels or humidity variations throughout the year without compromising their serviceable life.

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